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3 years ago#1
What would you say are the better ones, I'm using the "Relic of Chance(1)" "Aegis of Zeus(1)", and "Lightning Storm(3)"

And I usually use the Blade of Athena, what does the L1 Triangle move even do?
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3 years ago#2
L1 Triange = short range shock wave blast. Can be charged 3 times.

Good to go with alot of magic regen. I love blasting people who get too close.
3 years ago#3
relics: the one where it gives your team 50 magic every 3 chests (level 3)

items: teleport (level 3)

powers: Reckoning of Zeus, AoE lightning

weapons: Zeus hammer. L1+Square stops your opponent, L1+Triangle launches your opponents, AoE, and Silences them.
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3 years ago#4
Relic: The one that gives you +something% whenever you get a kill.

Item: Chalice for escapes and heal

Magic: Lightning Storm, because it's overpowered.

Weapon: Blade of Zeus. It has a Silence, a juggle, a charged attack etc. What more do you want?
Don't have the Blade of Athena yet but from what i've seen it's pretty ridiculous.

Running the Armor of Zeus set with the Morpheus chestpiece for the resists. I feel this is a really good balanced setup.
3 years ago#5
And I usually use the Blade of Athena

Any homerun antics involved?
3 years ago#6
>for Athena
That just seems unfair to take what little Artemis has from her.
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