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Who's your Portable team gonna be? Any low tier lovers?

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4 years ago#1
I wanted to give Hayato and Charlie (2nd favorite SF character) a try. 3rd man is still up for grabs. Maybe Cyclops, maybe Psylocke, maybe Samurai. Anyone else looking at this game for the first time? I've always dismissed MvC for other Capcom games (SFIII, SFIV, anything) but out of sheer boredom I'm finally going to give the insanity a chance. :D

That and I could really use the off-the-wall crazyness this game produces. #needsmentalbreakfromlife
4 years ago#2
I've played it since the week it came out on Dreamcast.
Hayato is pretty bad, but I main him.

I constantly trade him out for Strider depending on mood / situation.

I play Strider / Hayato - Ryu - Cable.
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4 years ago#3
Hulk, Juggernaut, and Zangief.
4 years ago#4
same as it always been

Cable, Sent, Iron Man/Cyclops

fun team

Mega Man, Ken, Ice Man
4 years ago#5
War Machine/Venom/Strider!!!!


Strider/War Machine/Jin
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4 years ago#6
Roll, Juggs, Blackheart.

Trust me, my fingers will allow me to combo.
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4 years ago#7
Doom, Venom, anyone.

I am still in disbelief that I can play MvC2 on my phone.
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4 years ago#8
Ryu - Strider Hiryu - Hayato

My favorite (and probably only) team since 2000.
4 years ago#9
Jill, Venom, Blackheart.

Been playing this team since Day 1
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4 years ago#10
I have been playing the game a bit since yesterday. Currently falling to Strider because those satellite setups remind me of Aegis Reflector. (Urien is my Favorite SF character)
Hayato, and Guile (in anticipation for Charlie).
I am using the 6 button, standard layout and with the way they did the 2punch command I have renewed faith in a playable 3S release for iOS. Anyways, I love Hayato. I just need to read up on what purpose his qcb 2K hyper has. I'm slowly figuring it out and I think my team will change again because I'm still learning how to use assists for the first time.

I am having a little trouble with the timing because sometimes when I play in Score Attack mode the game will speed up incredibly after the first match. I'm not sure if that's a part of Score Attack, but it seems more like an emulation issue MVC is having with the iOS. I've also had the game lag a little and all of these observations are in 1 player. FTR, I am using a mint condition iPod 4th gen so I doubt it's the hardware. Hopefully an update will offer smoother play, but I'm not really worried about it.

Also, Charlie is being a jerk. Every time I see him in the shop he's 100 points more than I have at his lowest. Then, once I have enough he disappears... I will get you Charlie!!!!
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  3. Who's your Portable team gonna be? Any low tier lovers?

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