OMG Guys.... I know what World 2 is...

#1Nin3DSFanPosted 4/23/2012 9:52:03 PM
It's a Desert World. -- Super Mario Bros 2 (US)'s World 2 was desert themed -- as was Super Mario Bros 3's Desert World -- New Super Mario Bros? Desert World -- New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Guess what? OH wait, you already know. -- Oh look it's another.... wait it's NOT a Desert? No, instead the Desert World is World 5 here.. but is this a one off?

Also, what other themes can anyone think of that hasn't been done, or at least rarely?

We have had:

What about a Factory-themed world, as in a proper "Donkey Kong Country Returns" type factory, not like a few moving wooden platforms? Or, if it counts as different, a Jungle themed world?
Or... I dunno, Farm, City, Town (or anything non-rural/urban), Building Site, Skyscraper, etc....
Yeah, the last two sound quite Donkey Kong Land-ish, right?

Also, what about ... Ship levels? Not AIRships, but normal ships, with nice catchy "shanty"-type music, where the enemies where eye patches and say "arrgh" when you defeat them, like in DKC?
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new & excite
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#3ScroogeMcNixPosted 4/24/2012 1:18:59 AM
I keep wishing they would turn Mario Kart tracks into Worlds like Vanilla Lake and Rainbow Road. We've never had one full lake world nor a fully rainbow themed world! What about a Mushroom City world or even a world of nothing but mushroom themed platforms, trees, etc. A storm covered world set in a dark, creepy forest???
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We need more night levels. And a prehistoric themed level.
#5cheeseball701Posted 4/24/2012 3:22:33 PM
They might bring back a little-big world or the pipe maze, given the SMB3 motif.
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World 1 should be a grass world, and then World 8 should be the same place, just harder.
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cheeseball701 posted...
They might bring back a little-big world or the pipe maze, given the SMB3 motif.

That would be epic, but to be kinda right, Little-Big world was done in NSMB DS if you were Mini Mario. Everything would be bigger.. but still not that same.

i would like to see a proper Little-Big world.
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Giant World (SMB3) and Subcon.