Any point of getting this?

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Everyone's always teaming up on me and thrashing my personality as a whole just because I love the game. It's annoying.

Aw, poor you. Would you say you were being, aheh, victimized?

Your one to talk. What are trying to pass on what people say about you unto him?
Your the biggest victimizer on here.

Hit the nail on the head.

Oh come on, that's not even a coherent sentence. I hope that was sarcasm... then again, you did admit to being a troll account recently, so meh.

Yeah yeah yeah Disregard something cause you don't like it. Victimizer supreme. Your gonnaneed more extreme tissues Boi.
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No, 3DLand is much better and I don't think this is worth getting at full retail price.
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MrSpacelySlate posted...

Even romhacks of SMW are better than this. Don't bother.

There are quite a few phenomenal SMW romhacks. If Nintendo released a game with the quality of the Second Reality Project, it would be universally praised.
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You guys still take Marioman seriously? He's nothing but a joke. He cant argue to save his life.
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people only hate this game because the golden mario statue didn't do what they wanted it to do
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From: Illuminoius | #035
people only hate this game because the golden mario statue didn't do what they wanted it to do

That's not even close.
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Mariofan15 posted...
From: Illuminoius | #035
people only hate this game because the golden mario statue didn't do what they wanted it to do

That's not even close.

Yeah, I don't really even...?
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I don't know. I much preferred NSMB2 over SM3DL. Then again, I largely do not like 3D Mario games.

However, I do agree with the consensus here. If you weren't a fan of NSMB or NSMBW, this will not convert you. It's much easier than its predecessors and doesn't bring a whole lot of "new" to the table. At $40, your money would be better spent elsewhere. If you got this at a much lower price point, I'd say consider it then.

I don't feel I wasted my $40 because I actually love 2D Mario games and I've thoroughly enjoyed NSMB2. In fact, I'm playing through the game for the second time now because I've already earned all five shiny stars on my first save and I'm nowhere close to 1,000,000 coins yet.

Unlike MarioMan, I won't sit here and say ERMAHGERD!! NU SUPUHR MURIOH BRUHS TUH IZ TEH BEST GAEM EVUR!!!, because I do recognize the game's flaws. Flawed or not, I liked it. But, that's me.

Trust the masses here. Most of them are saying the same thing. It's a good platformer, but is rather sub par for a Mario title. Keep your $40 for now.
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BabyLuigiOnFire posted...
Super Mario 3D Land is superior than New Super Mario Bros. 2 and therefore a better buy

So very true. NSMB2 is a rental, tops, which is what I just did.
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Mario has two other nice 3DS titles that are out that aren't this. I'd get 3D Land and Kart 7 before this.
So I'm still waiting for Daisy to reappear in something that's not a spinoff.
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