How is this game compared to SMB Wii U?

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DeathSoul2000 posted...
the 3ds is quite honestly home to the legitimately worst mario games in the history of nintendo. mk7 was just absolutely godawful, don't even get me started on M&S2012, mto is the worst 'tennis' game out there, there's this obviously, and sticker star is a watered down 'rpg'(use the term loosely) with a dumb gimmick. only 3d land was actually any good. seriously, do they just not care anymore?

Super Mario 3D Land would like a word with you.
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He SAID SM3DL was good.

Anyway, don't get NSMB2. It's nothing special, and by the time you get NSMBU (the better game), you'll have been burnt out on Mario, considering that all of the NSMB games are so similar.
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Thanks, guys. I guess Ill wait out for my wii U to arrive. Cheers!