#1BlueDryBones1Posted 1/6/2013 9:37:06 AM
I got $41.03 in the eshop and Im thinking of buying one of these.

I'll be asking this on both boards but I played aton of the Mario games but neither of these 2 so which should I get?

Also do the downloadable content is any of it currently free? I still have a gift card so Im willing to buy another eshop card. If not is it confirmed that all of it is out or can they still make more? And is it limited time download or all of it is still there? If I feel like this game will be incomplete that kinda hurts it a little.
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#2BlueDryBones1(Topic Creator)Posted 1/6/2013 9:55:45 AM
Also how much is the DLC?
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#3MATADOR480Posted 1/6/2013 10:56:43 AM
Both are great. New Mario 2 is more awesomeness of the sameness. 3D Land is a cool new type of game. I would go with 3D Land without a doubt.
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#4HikaruYamiPosted 1/6/2013 11:17:57 AM
I like them both, but agree that it's SM3DL, easily.
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#5MarioMan847Posted 1/6/2013 5:15:36 PM
I'd recommend NSMB2, personally.
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#6Mariofan15Posted 1/6/2013 8:22:26 PM
From: MarioMan847 | #005
I'd recommend NSMB2, personally.

No,really? Ignore the fanboy. His opinion doesnt count. 3D Land,easily.
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#7Link484Posted 1/6/2013 10:34:48 PM
NSMB2 is good and all, but 3D Land is by far the better choice.
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#8Swan3624Posted 1/6/2013 11:07:07 PM
I adore both of them, and have put more time into 3D Land overall, but I think New Super Mario Bros. 2 is my choice. Coin Rush is addictive and super fun, the main game is full of amazing levels... and it's just a very satisfying experience.

3D Land suffered in the bosses department, in my opinion. Most of the levels were great, though.
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#9SpoinkRulezzPosted 1/7/2013 2:16:59 AM
Absolutely 3D Land. You said you've played a lot of Mario games. SM3DL will be a much more refreshing experience, combining 2D Mario-like gameplay with 3D environments. Also, it's a far better showcase of the 3DS.
#10TrueBlue91Posted 1/7/2013 12:47:25 PM
Swan3624 posted...

3D Land suffered in the bosses department, in my opinion.

And NSMB2 didn't?!?!?
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