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I think Nintendo subtly unveiled this game last year (Archived)
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I feel like the COIN SOUND FX will have a negative effect on our mental health! (Archived)
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Not a bashing topic, but why do the graphics look so similar to NSMB on DS? (Archived)Hiten Mitsurugi S86/29/2012
I hope this game is as hard as reinforced bullet proof glass. (Archived)
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I'm really glad the Koopalings are sticking around. (Archived)
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It feels like all the innovation has left the series. (Archived)
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How does this game improve from last installments of NSMB? (Archived)Kaabisteru106/28/2012
With all the negativity the flag is getting (Archived)
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Isn't the DLC only for coin rush mode? (Archived)urmomishawt0446/28/2012
who else thinks they're going overboard with coins? (Archived)YoshiTurtwig52936/28/2012
Geez please give Iggy back his rainbow hairstyle! (Archived)
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WTF! this game didnt win the best 3DS title award? (Archived)
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