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I never saw a point to this game. (Archived)Bass_X012/19 6:23AM
How do I return to the menu for Dream Land 2? (Archived)pokemega3216/9/2014
Does This Game Require The Use Of... (Archived)este91438/7/2013
Does anyone know who Shinya Kumazaki is? (Archived)Boo Destroyer17/14/2013
What happens if you beat Kirby's Dream Land twice? (Archived)Unboll37/3/2013
So...What's next for the Kirby series? (Archived)Boo Destroyer36/20/2013
Oh, that's just lovely... (Archived)freezingicekirb16/7/2013
Not compatible with Wii U? (Archived)galmorzu36/1/2013
Nintendo of Europe are jerks :/ (Archived)
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What video game compilation would you like to see next? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
New challenges (Archived)chequelots14/2/2013
I have 99% on Kirby's Dream Land 2. How to get 100%? (Archived)LinkSamus343/28/2013
Changes you would make to City Trial in a hypothetical Air Ride sequel (Archived)wiiking9633/22/2013
Identifying Boss? Question: (Archived)alpachec43/15/2013
I wish the Kirby series reused characters more... (Archived)
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So regarding Magolor *KRtDL SPOILERS* (Archived)PhoenixRush72/19/2013
Kirby Ability Hurt n' Heal Continued (Archived)
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Just beat KDL3 100% for the first time. (Archived)Nintendoer22/1/2013
Wow, Europe still doesn't have this? (Archived)Boo Destroyer61/20/2013
Kirby Playing Cards (Archived)NixonsHead51/13/2013
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