So what's with the discrepancy in playstyle between KSS and KDL3?

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I still wish Coo was brought back as a fully playable character,

This if for one thing only, Coo's Theme is my favorite Kirby song. Mind you it would take alot of work implementing all 6 animal friends with alternate moves sets given to standard play of newer games. I mean you need a slide, in that case Coo would dive like Coo + Burning, Rick would do a slide kick, Nago would probably bat Kirby forward a bit like Pitch + Parasol(with less bounce), but then I'm confuse on what Pitch, Chuchu, and Kine would do. It's not that they are redundant, it's that it takes for more thought.
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To part of the messages above:
As far as I know, there have only been three full games that used the Super Star formula: The original, Super Star Ultra and Adventure Wii. At least, in how they used the abilities and the health bar and all that.
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Shimomura's dead, that's why the animal friends, Ado/Adelenie, Ribbon, Dark Matter, and 0 never appear anymore besides cameos.

At least, I THOUGHT that. There is a Twitter user that goes by the same name, and seems to work for a company called "5ive."
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I'm not a huge fan of the Dark Matter Trilogy. (I just made up that name just now.) Dream Land 2 was good for a portable game. Dream Land 3 had some good to it, but was still worse than Super Star. It just felt boring. Kirby 64 was terrible considering that it was on a whole new console. Why could Kirby suck underwater? Combining powers may seem cool, but it lacks the variety of having movesets.

The trilogy did introduce humans to the series though. Ado and her evil twin Adeline may never appear in another video game again, but they live on in a certain web comic,
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Ado and his doppelgänger/completly same person Adeline may never appear in another video game again, but the latter lives on in a certain web comic,

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There's really no evidence provided saying the guy is dead. Just rumors.
it'd be nice if Hal confirmed what happened to him through. Did he move onto other projects or companies?
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