Can suspend point data be saved to SD card?

#1j_coatPosted 10/3/2012 2:05:00 AM
I was wondering if I could save suspend point data to the SD card, so that if I mess up trying to get a Rainbow Piece in Dream Land 2, I can delete the save on the Wii memory and copy and load that suspend point from the SD card.
#2pokedude900Posted 10/3/2012 5:31:29 AM
Not sure, but wouldn't it be faster to just play through the stage again than to exit and swap data around?
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#3j_coat(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2012 4:39:28 PM
Not if it's that one tricky Rainbow Piece in stage 4 that requires Kine and the fire power-up.
#4kabii_samaPosted 10/6/2012 11:13:52 AM
I think suspend point data is the one part of save data that can't be copied between a Wii's internal memory and the SD card.
#5j_coat(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 5:39:39 PM
Yeah, I tried to save suspend point data from other VC games, but a message saying it couldn't copy all data would appear. That message wouldn't appear for this game, but notice that only 30 blocks are saved to SD card, instead of the full 31 blocks.