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Gah, is it even going to ever be released in Europe? (Archived)
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A minor complaint about New Challenge Stages mode. (Archived)Throwback278041/9/2013
Resetting a frozen game (Archived)ScypherEX11/4/2013
This game is Awesome. (Archived)Throwback278031/4/2013
2 player on Kirby 64 (Archived)purplebuds42031/2/2013
How do I discard abilities? (Archived)eric_otness412/27/2012
Back in 1993 when Kirby's Adventure came out... (Archived)Kisai212/26/2012
How do I go back to the title screen to play the extra game in Kirby's Dreamland (Archived)BlueDragonKaise312/26/2012
Kirby Ability Hurt n' Heal (Fixed) (Archived)
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Super Star Perfect Runs (Archived)
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Which system did you think Kirby did his best on? (Poll)
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What's your favorite Kirby game? (Archived)LeviathanMist512/16/2012
What would you like to see more? A sequel to RTDL or a remake of Kirby's Dream L (Archived)TrueKirby912/14/2012
Finally got the King Trophy and all Platinum Medals. Scores inside. (Archived)MasterKnight75112/3/2012
When the HELL is this coming to Europe? (Archived)Gencoil412/1/2012
Kirby games piss me off for some reason (Archived)NameonaScreen2511/25/2012
Going to stream the challenges provided. Blind run. (Archived)MasterKnight75311/22/2012
Which classic games do you like in this collection? (Archived)StephenYap3811/18/2012
The Techno Factory theme (Return to Dreamland) (Archived)Sol_Clyde111/17/2012
Can you save in kirby's dreamland? (Archived)Dantechan211/11/2012
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