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User Info: Seishinmahou

4 years ago#1

all updated! modules, songs, and some AR images
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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

4 years ago#2
I want to see the AR video.

In one of the pics shows Miku sitting in the edge of the bed.

While in the previous scan, I saw her lying on the bed.

If it's coming from the 1 same scenes which she's shifting from lying to sitting on the edge of the bed, then I want to know if SEGA using the marker-less Smart AR / not.
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User Info: Seishinmahou

4 years ago#3
they'd prob post up a video like a week or so...

just check back at "pjdsega" in youtube
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User Info: trowaessy

4 years ago#4
Haha I love the fridge picture: "No! I didn't eat the last yogurt! It was Miku! Look, I have photographic evidence!"

I'm going to have so much fun with this AR function.

User Info: sean2995

4 years ago#5
Basic design. Like the new music on the main page.

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