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Project Diva f 2nd confirmed for west (Archived)Moofey73/25/2014
So have any of you played Project Mirai, and is it worth importing a console? (Archived)crudfish23/24/2014
Anyone have perfect for every song on every difficulty? (Archived)salim11811873/24/2014
Most/Least Favorite Chance Time Event (Archived)gunarm_dyne53/23/2014
Best songs to practice Overlapping Notes on Hard or Extreme mode??? (Archived)gfaqster43/23/2014
No difference between Vita/PS3 versions? (Archived)
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Missing Film Buff for Platinum Trophy (Archived)GuestB93/22/2014
Is there a ASIA R3 English Physical version of this game? (Archived)Spade21X43/21/2014
Which songs are DLC and how much space does basic download take up? (Archived)axlman1293423/21/2014
So which songs are "Sexual" or have sexual lyrics, themes, or undertones? (Archived)AwesomeOSauce83/20/2014
Dayuuum I changed costume on Meiko and it distracted me lol xD (Archived)HellsingOrg63/20/2014
I finally did it. :D (all songs on easy ->extreme complete) (Archived)
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Holy ****. How do you hit the stars? (Archived)twa55643/19/2014
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! is the worst thing ever. (Archived)
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So I can't hit the buttons in a row fast enough in Extreme mode... any tips? (Archived)gfaqster23/19/2014
Phantasy Star Online! (Archived)SyberiaWinx43/18/2014
My first music video is finished. (Archived)partajeesus13/18/2014
I can only get Excellents... no Perfects :( (Archived)
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