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Sign here if you want to go to one of the Miku 39's Giving Day Concerts (Archived)
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How do you... (Archived)kevfalcon105/17/2012
The OBVIOUS question (Archived)
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Had a weird dream about PD (Archived)m0986-875/14/2012
Question for those that played the previous games (Archived)MarioKartDavid95/14/2012
Sign if you want Gumi in this game (Archived)
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What games of the series do you own? (Archived)
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Ordered my first Miku wall scroll (Archived)m0986-865/12/2012
AmiAmi can't ship to apartments? (Archived)m0986-895/9/2012
"World's End Dance Hall" play video (Archived)
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Oh how I hope a demo hits PSN soon... (Archived)m0986-815/6/2012
This board is in the top 10 (Archived)
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Wait for a special edition? or just buy normally? (Archived)Draython65/4/2012
So about 4 months left to go... (Archived)
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So.. Will this be available on PS3... (Archived)Azure_lKite55/3/2012
So the two 2012 concert DVD's will also go on sale when this game releases (Archived)m0986-845/2/2012
Decided to buy the Digital Version on release... (Archived)
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Cat Food play video (Archived)miyuki30874/29/2012
next project diva pre-order? (Archived)
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Finally the board is here! -claims board- (Archived)
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