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Ah the little details. (Archived)invaderark1243/12/2014
regretted buying this game..... (Archived)ShaymusGiven53/12/2014
Edit Play: Karakuri Burst (Archived)AjidoMarujido13/11/2014
About Exteme... (Archived)
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Least favourite song? (Archived)
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Delay mp3 in custom tracks? (Archived)NettoSaito43/11/2014
No Black Rock Shooter costume? (Archived)
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I passed my first Extreme difficulty song. (Archived)
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Star Notes? (Archived)
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So how do you get AR Markers for this game? (Archived)CalistoCoon93/10/2014
Anyone know a good site w/ (good) Edit Data information compiled? (Archived)Arsene-Lupin23/10/2014
One thing that bugs me about this series is Technical and Chance zones. (Archived)CalistoCoon13/10/2014
Do not trust the Game's Difficulty Rating (Archived)gunarm_dyne83/10/2014
Normal harder than hard? (Archived)Black_Assassin63/10/2014
how do i get the (Archived)jacksl43/10/2014
I really wish I knew what outfit was the default module on each song. (Archived)CalistoCoon93/9/2014
how do unlock the dlc costumes/modules? (Archived)Devil_Eva82943/9/2014
Top 10 Levels (Archived)gunarm_dyne83/9/2014
Dpad controls failing? (Archived)Oximofo43/9/2014
Will the us version include the extra songs that were on ps3 version? (Archived)
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