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Senran kagura Burst now on Sale until the 16th for EU and the 15th for NA.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
GallantChaddymn119/27 9:53AM
Sequel question (Archived)Akira50200229/5 11:18AM
Can't get Yomi to use her sword ninpo against me no matter what I do. (Archived)Tommykitty29/4 12:12PM
Are they bloody kidding with the grading requirements on Hebijo 5-14? (Archived)Tommykitty49/2 1:04AM
Any better spot to grind levels for Hebijo than 1-09? (Archived)Tommykitty18/29 5:41PM
Will not Read WTF (Archived)Lilith_Alucard48/29 2:24PM
The difficulty on Hebijo Chapter 2 is obnoxious. (Archived)Tommykitty78/28 6:42PM
There's now a Senran Kagura Miiverse Community! (Archived)CVNut1347/7 11:33PM
EU physical copy on US system (Archived)Tommykitty16/18 12:33PM
where can I find this game to buy? (Archived)Dragon-Skill36/15 11:06AM
question about unlocks (Archived)leafgreen26/2 10:41AM
what does Hanzo and Hebijo mean?? (Archived)Taipan2026/1 6:35PM
I just found out you can manipulate the camera mid-battle, like in Smash Bros. (Archived)max12015/19 1:57PM
Does this ever go on sale? (Archived)NickTheBlitz45/6 1:33AM
Club Nintendo Coins? (Archived)rkenshin1354/9 12:30AM
For those getting the New 3DS... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
somgu123/30 12:41PM
Deep Crimson confirmed for localization for Eu. (Archived)VoidSeraphim53/20 3:39PM
yin scroll input?? (Archived)dumpling32122/9 6:52PM
take a look at mirai in the hebijo hub <_< (Archived)NebulaBlue62/8 11:46PM
WTF it says I got a C rank!!!! (Archived)dumpling32152/7 6:37AM
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