My Career Salary

#1unr8dPosted 10/12/2012 10:25:31 AM
This goes out to anyone who has played through their first contract or just knows the answer, but what type of Salary am I looking at after my first Contract, I'm a 6'3 194lbs Athletic PG with an overall rating of 89,

I spammed Blacktop and 12min Coach mode to get tons of VC, so now I'm starting PG for the 76ers, I average 30+ ppg, 10+apg, 4+steals. I get on Average 170-200 VC a game.

I'm playing every game, I'm just curious with my stats and attributes just going up from here, what type of salary could I be looking at in the future.
#2Mercilus_OnePosted 10/12/2012 11:50:44 AM
I think just like every sports game that deals with contracts & overall: I'd say base on your overall. In 12, every other team that wanted you, after your contract is up, they'll give you huge deal, jumongous even. While they give you that, your current team gives you a 1 year deal whether you won a title or titles with them & got triple-doubles like crazy. But I have read that you can work around it & stay on the team with a bigger deal. Basically, bait them into giving you a bigger deal. This guy said he looked at the bottom feeders & looked at his current team's deal and ended up getting a front loaded contract. Now, I have yet to try that myself (considering how long it takes for the season to progress & STAYING as the starter) but it seems like that's possible. I don't know about 13 (I have yet to have the game) but I believe it'll work out like that.
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