My first game winning shot in myplayer!!! WOOOOO!!!

#1DolemiteXPPosted 10/6/2012 8:14:47 AM
Playing for Dallas as a PG, we were matched up against the Clippers on their court. Game was close mostly the whole time then we managed to pull ahead by 4 with 1 minute left. Then Blake goes mental and scores twice off of 2 turnovers(only one was my to tie it up. I got the inbound pass but had to advance it cause their wasn't enough time to run the floor and Carter ended up missing the shot.

In overtime it was more of the same us going back and forth down to the wire. They tied the game up again and we had 7 seconds but the coach called a timeout to give us a better shot. They inbound to me and I am immediately DRAPED by CP3 all the way to just in front of the 3 point line where I had no time left and threw up a fadeaway jumper with CP3 right in my face defending the shot and it went in!! My teammates went nuts and Dirk ran over and picked me up while the dejected Clippers fans could only hold their heads in shame..
Really don't want Obama for 4 more years but I refuse to vote for someone named after a type of glove....