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User Info: SolidusR4S2

4 years ago#1
Got the season pass but I'm playing this chapter now for the first time. But damn this game got a lot of emotion in it. Just writing this because after the raid on our camp. Lily went nuts and shot Doug and I left her behind.

But the thing is. This game gave me such a guilttrip. Only the way how Lily said she got nothing left. Left me with a guilttrip I never even felt before in my life. Damn this game. But dont spoil the rest pls gonna continue now. Just say'n
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User Info: Sol4688

4 years ago#2
Oh she had something left. Her life. Which, if I had the choice? I sure as hell wouldn't have left her with that.
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User Info: mignoncurieux

4 years ago#3
So things can be different with Lilly and the rest of them. I was wondering because that's not at all what happened with Lilly in my story.

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