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Whos next? SPOILERS (Archived)PARAMYTAS29/3/2012
Holy $%*^, I have never had my jaw hanging this much any game ever! (Archived)
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Question regarding the two new characters at the end of ep3 (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Seriously though, how badass would it be if shortly after the last episode.. (Archived)
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Found an annoying glitch (spoilers) (Archived)MakMan33359/3/2012
Season Pass question (Archived)
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first fail scene SPOILERS! (Archived)
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Oh Snap! I think I noticed something important! *Minor Spoilers* (Archived)Sweet_Meat69/2/2012
Lee makes me think of (Archived)aburame1319/2/2012
CHALK!!! (spoilers) (Archived)autoshopkid49/2/2012
End of Episode Question (Minor Spoiler) (Archived)TheMusicalGeniu59/2/2012
The car with supplies in Episode 2 Ending *Spoilers* (Archived)Aries48929/2/2012
I'm worried Episode 4 and 5 will be very limited *Spoilers* (Archived)
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Is there any point to siding with Lilly after (Archived)ElderScrollKid29/1/2012
About how far into this episode am I? *SPOILERS* (Archived)bretnsid29/1/2012
So who was it that (big spoilers) (Archived)
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Any way to get those dang animal crackers? (Archived)SolidSnake678569/1/2012
Ben episode 4 speculation (spoilers) (Archived)Outlawzero49/1/2012
ps+ members (Archived)rygar4949/1/2012
Has anyone played a game where they don't say anything every chance you get? (Archived)LUEshiMemory39/1/2012
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