Destructoid's Playthrough w/ Developer Commentary (SPOILERS)

#1AwesomebrandPosted 9/13/2012 12:24:34 AM
To those who missed my topics on some of the Episode 3 boards, FOOM has been live streaming his playthrough of The Walking Dead episodes on Destructoid's channel, but had people involved in the making of the game on a skype call. Obviously linking to the live stream while the episode 3 stream went on was the simplest thing I could do at the time.
For anyone who missed it and / or wanted to see it, along with the other episodes, I dug into their archives and found the past videos aswell. This is the raw, unedited archived video from the live stream so they still include intros, chatting with people you can't see, and are obviously very long. I haven't watched them myself in all the entirety, all I watched was in order to check when the stuff you're more than likely watching for begins for you to skip to. I'll try to link the live-stream and get the archive video for people who miss it.

EPISODE 1 (Game is set up @ 0:13:50)

EPISODE 2 (Call begins @ 0:12:00)

EPISODE 3 (Call begins @ 0:12:30)