The Epilogue made no sense for my choices (SPOILERS)

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4 years ago#1
I told her to head to the train outside of town, i told her to find Omid and Chrysta.

In this situation the scene after the credits should have been Clem meeting up with Omid and Chysta, just to give me some piece of mind, which i think i deserve after some of the CHOICES i have made throughout the five episodes.

I loved this game, i loved the episodic aspect of it (which provided for a much enthralling experience, more so than Tales of Monkey Island, where the episode apsect of it didn't make much f a difference), and i had such a good time playing it...

...but. THE CHOICES!!! I enjoyed the *illusion* of making a difference to the story, but would have liked different endings, one of my favourite aspects of stories with choices. The fact that Heavy Rain had eleven of them (or so, i can't quite remember) and the plot of that game was massively different if you played it through a few times.

I just get the feeling (which i dont know for sure as i haven't done a second playthru yet) that no matter what choices i made, in episode 5, Kenny and Ben would still die, Omid and Chysta would still survive but not be present for the showdown with the crazy walkie-talkie guy, Lee would still successfully save Clem, then die (which was a certainty, i know, but what if an ending where Lee didn't get bit was possible, that would have been awesome, to have the CHOICE to make that a possibility).

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, because it would have made a great game only better, but why emphasise the fact you can make massively different changes, when they have no impact on how everything turns out?

What d'you guys think? Would you have preferred multiple endings like Heavy Rain, or are happy that despite all your choices, and the emphasis placed on them by the game, you cannot escape this bleak and heart breaking ending. (No problem with the ending given, btw. Just incase that ain't getting across).
4 years ago#2
It's pretty obvious the game ended the way it did because it's setting up for Season 2. Heavy Rain could have drastically different endings because that was the end, there was never going to be sequel to that game. If they plan to continue from here in season 2 then they have to have a solid ending they can work from.
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4 years ago#3
Yeah the choices don't really matter, 100% agree... Even the people you end up saving eventually die anyway

This is more of an interactive linear story
4 years ago#4
I really wish they hadn't decided to have season 1 tie into season 2.

If they hadn't we could have had a real branching story in the 5th episode. Instead it had to end the same way to set Clem up for season 2. I think the popularity of these games worked against them. In order to cash in on it Telltale had to avoid having an epic conclusion to the first season that would prevent a unified view of season 2.

Would have much preferred having that Heavy Rain, multiple endings option. Then you find a new group and go into a second season. As is, I'm just not sure how eager I'll be to check out a second season now. Go into another season knowing that whatever I pick, everyone dies and nothing really matters.
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4 years ago#5
The thought of a secind season where you play as an older Clem would be awesome.

Is a season 2 a definite though? The fact that this episode had nothing after it meant that massively different endings would be very possible, but if a season 2 that would use this as a back drop is a definite then i completely understand why they put in choices and had no multiple endings.

You see, i liked the choices, even though about half way through i started to suspect that they really didn't make that much difference. No multiple endings does NOT make the whole choices aspect of the game a waste of time, though, and i am happy that Tell Tale made this.
4 years ago#6
Season 2 was confirmed some time ago.
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4 years ago#7
Awesome, can't wait :)

In that case, let me rejig the question. Would you guys have preferred a season 2 or multiple endings?

I still think i would have preferred multiple endings then completely different characters for season 2.
4 years ago#8
I don't think I can answer that until I play season 2. Right now I'd probably prefer multiple endings, but season 2 could totally pay off because it didn't.
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4 years ago#9
I don't like that after all of what happened, the difficult choices and getting so involved in them and the game, that I didn't get to see Clementine meet up with Omid and Christa at the end like she was supposed to.


I did enjoy making choices and playing the game, but I don't like that part at all. I was also hoping I could live to be the one to protect Clementine.

I had no idea about there being a season 2. I don't know if I like that. Though I still would rather have had a better ending after all that I feel I went through. I wonder if Kenny made it since there was only one bullet shot and it didn't show anything. You would think that in that situation Lee would want to check to see exactly what was going on. I was thinking maybe he got out of there and we'll see him again. I wanted to see Clem meet up with Omid and Christa too. >_>
4 years ago#10
That's the same reason i didn't like the ending they gave us.

After everything i did to keep Clem safe, to prepare her so that she could survive on her own, even going as far as to chop off my own arm for her, they give us this massively ambiguous ending.
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