I've never played a game with so many plotholes in my life *spiolers*

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lexussss posted...
Wtf happened to...

-Kenny & Ben
-blonde girl with hook
-cancer patients with boat
-omid and christa

This ending is as bad as the sopranos

Not to be mean but you really come off as a tad bit foolish if you think these are considered plot holes.

-Lily is in the comics
-the Kenny and Ben scene was left up to interpretation which was understandable. You here one gunshot and Ben goes quiet. It's safe to assume Ken shot Ben and ran. Kenny may pop up in the sequel or his fate may never be discussed which still doesnt make it a plot hole
-Blond girl with hook left on her own accord. It would be horrible writing to magically make her whereabouts known again. She ay pop up in the sequel
-Cancer patients stole the boat. What happened afterwards is irrelevant. personally I feel this only happened because they decided to change the boat idea to avoid reference to Dawn of the Deads Ending.
-Omid and Christa...again it was meant to be left to interpretation otherwise the ending would not have worked well.
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You do realize there will be a season 2 right
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Something tells me he's not coming back.

Probably sitting in a corner with a big dunce cap on his head.
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