Favorite & Least Favorite party member (Excluding Lee & Clementine)

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I also can't hate Ben because, as some others have mentioned, he's what the vast majority of us would be like in an apocalypse.

Really? The majority of people here would be the cause of a lot of troubles and would not be able to do a single thing right? I for one would at the least be able to keep my eyes on a single person if ordered to. Ben can`t even do that...

Lee: "Where`s Clementine."
Ben: "I don`t know...I`m just the walking liability."

Gamers would at the least know what things they can do and what they can`t...Ben only knows what he can`t do...and still does it.

When the game informer magazine came in and I saw Ben in the top 10 dorks section,I laughed so hard.

I don't understand how people could just be like-I bet if we were in the situation,we'd be the same.


First of all,he left Clementine.That is one thing you do NOT do,and that is to leave a helpless 8-9 year old.

Second-God do I even need to name all the people he indirectly killed?

Third-He can't even shoot a gun.Clementine could,and she actually GETS her shot.

Fourth-Confesses he was the one at fault for the bandits when zombies are piling in from the windows.To make matters worse,Kenny is RIGHT THERE.Please;I'm glad you confessed,but find the right time for it >.>

Correct me if I'm wrong~
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