ITT: We predict the items that's going to be in this game.

#1Hit mePosted 4/27/2012 4:54:57 PM
We already have one of Kratos' item, a Hedgehog grenade from Resistance and a RPG-7 from Uncharted.

Groovitron (R&C)
One of the pick-up items from Modnation Racers
A tool from LBP

What else?
#2silly_sausagePosted 4/27/2012 5:43:27 PM
Groovitron? Is it really that iconic of a videogame item, let alone an iconic R&C weapon for a game like this? Oh well, I've got nothing better. Anyway, assuming certain characters make it in:

- Wumpa Fruit/TNT and/or Nitro Crates/Aku Aku and/or Uka Uka Masks (Crash Bandicoot)
- Power Cell/Precursor Orbs (Jak and Daxter)
- Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Eco (J&D again)
- Dragon Egg/Dragonfly (Spyro)
- Blast Shard (inFamous)
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#3Hunter1534Posted 4/27/2012 5:45:41 PM
The Groovatron was pretty original and very fun to use. Not surprised it would be in this game.
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