I hate the name of this game

#1ThaneNeedsCurePosted 4/27/2012 6:34:38 PM
It looks fun but I hate it. Drop the all stars and I'd be ok
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#2KingzJusterPosted 4/27/2012 6:35:51 PM
Yeah, it is a bit of a mouthful. It would be nice if it got shortened a bit, but I'll probably just call it "All-Stars" or something like that.
#3urbanpwner2Posted 4/27/2012 6:36:17 PM
i think they shoulda just named it PlayStation All-Stars
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#4Hunter1534Posted 4/27/2012 6:47:32 PM
Fighting game involving playstation exclusives will be the title.
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#5DavCubePosted 4/27/2012 7:09:23 PM
It DOES sorta sound like something you'd have seen on the Colbert Report.
#63D3Posted 4/27/2012 7:29:18 PM
I love PlayStation but I hate having it in the title. It just looks like a title that couldn't be taken seriously. Would been fine with just Battle Royale but idk if that's possible.
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#7NamelessJayPosted 4/27/2012 7:32:09 PM

Should have been called Sony Smash Bros.

#8LordRattergunPosted 4/28/2012 1:25:12 AM
NamelessJay posted...
Should have been called Sony Smash Bros.

I prefer Super Sony Bros.
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#9MrFwibblesPosted 4/28/2012 10:36:50 AM
The original Japanese title for Super Smash Bros. was "Nintendo All-Star Dairantou Smash Brothers". Dairantou pretty much translates to "battle royale" BTW.
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