You know how people rag on Brawl for having too many swordsmen?

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Regarding James Bond:

He posted that in late November 2011 and almost everything went as he said. He claims James Bond is a playable character so it seems highly like that James Bond really will be playable.
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But wait, what did he mean by "considered playable character not in the group"?
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Now that I read it again, that sentence does seem to be worded funny. At the very least, it seems James Bond was under consideration to be in the game. Perhaps things weren't really final at the time the article was posted.
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#14CyborgTwentyPosted 4/28/2012 12:45:02 AM
wtf james bond?
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Sounds like they considered making Bond but never added him to the cast if you ask me. Guess we'll see soon.
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