I can't wait for Killzone guy to fight Resistance guy

#1tangnetsPosted 4/28/2012 10:08:06 AM
This game is going to be awesome
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#3Nmilek1Posted 4/28/2012 10:12:18 AM
Hell yeah, let's not forget the generic brown ruined city and grey ruined city stages just for effect.
#4PhaseBlackPosted 4/28/2012 10:17:29 AM
Killzonne 2 sold about 3 million copies and you guys dont know who Radec is? Only one of the best boss battles this gen
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#5tangnets(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2012 9:25:55 PM
Maybe some MAG guys too
#6TaizukuPosted 5/2/2012 9:27:10 PM
Angry Man vs Rapping Dog FTW
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#7ArmedDragoonPosted 5/2/2012 9:34:06 PM
I remember playing the first Killzone once.

It was so generic that I wondered why I ever bothered. Might try the sequels if they're better about actually having an identity.
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#8zombie_baitPosted 5/2/2012 10:04:21 PM
Never played Killzone 2 but I heard it was really good. Killzone 3 was embarrassingly mediocre. I don't know much about the Resistance characters either but there were some cool weapons in those games and I kind of liked Joseph Capelli. At least we're getting actual characters instead of nameless generic soldiers which I've actually seen people place in their rosters. Helghast soldier and Chimera for PSABR!
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unlike the rest of the ps2/ps3 games, alot of Killzone and Resistance Fans like the games enemy more than the main characters

#10TrivioPosted 5/2/2012 10:41:27 PM
Cant wait to see White Bald guy vs Clown Face guy.
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