If Sackboy is in this...

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4 years ago#11
They should give us the option to play as our Sackboy from our LBP save file or at least give him customizable outfits.
4 years ago#12
I hope he is like Mokujin or Charade...

enters battle looking like himself and then transforms into sackboy version of the character he is imitating but obviously all the moves are altered to look more sackboy like.... so kratos chains look like wool etc
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4 years ago#13
maybe his super combo can be changing the stage to become a sackboy puzzle where sackboy can damage them
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4 years ago#14
I'm actually hoping his Lvl 3 (or some special) brings in an army of Sackbots from LBP2 to attack the characters (similar to King Dedede or Pit).
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4 years ago#15

From: Calibur_Sage | #009
he should be the kirby of this game, copy character abilities and dress like them!

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4 years ago#16
he is to small for this game.
4 years ago#17
Hazmat963 posted...
I hope he fights like Sentinel.

I would LOVE to hear the crying of that magnitude again....Sony nerf Sackboy!!!

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