Who will main Fat Princess?

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4 years ago#1
lmao! TOPIC lol
4 years ago#2
Peach and Wario players.
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4 years ago#3
Peach and Wario players.

They exist?
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4 years ago#4

From: Johnbobb | #003
They exist?

Peach was top tier in Melee(mid in Brawl) and Wario is top tier. So yes, they do.
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#6
I played Wario but won't be playing Fat Princess. She only looks like Wario. Her move set reminds me more of Peach with the minion summoning.
4 years ago#7
[This message was eaten at the request of a Fat Princess]
4 years ago#8
who else?
4 years ago#9
Apparently her lvl 1 super is quite effective.
4 years ago#10
I'll definately off-main her, atleast.
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