Maj: "It's still way too early to talk about what isn't in the game" and more

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In reply to someone asking about the supers KOing.....
"Itís funny, i had the same knee-jerk reaction when i heard that for the first time, like ďThereís no way it can work with only supers scoring KOs!Ē

Coming from a Street Fighter background where itís all about the lifebar, itís hard to imagine anything different being successful. Even Smash sticks to that formula of tracking damage.

But it took less than 10 minutes of actually playing Battle Royale to completely change my mind. Itís really fun to play, itís extremely intuitive, itís very tactical, and itís totally engaging.

Weíre obviously not making Street Fighter, but trust me, it doesnít feel limiting. Iíve been playing the game for eight months now and it hasnít stopped feeling rewarding.

That said, itís still way too early to talk about what isnít in the game. Thereís still a fair amount of time between now and the day it ships. Omar and Paul arenít afraid of taking design risks, so iím sure weíll continue throwing around ideas to improve PSASBR every day until itís in your hands.

Everything can always be better and we still have a lot of work to do, but i gotta say, the game is pretty damn solid right now. (And iím not bragging because i canít take credit for it.)"

Sounds like a lot of changes can still be made.
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nice that they're thinking of ways to improve it.
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That's what I call goof PR and its actually the truth. He post on srk about things as well.
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