PSASBR character demand rating 10- Dart

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Though i got to say there is something suspicious about the person 6 post above me as to how coinsidently said no and suggest Rose just like the guy above him also suggesting the same thing and that the post were within a minute from one another. Are Fuzzylittlebunny and Zidaneski the same person or are they best friends that share the same persona?
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**** yeah.
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Yes, Though I'd personall yprefer one of the females, since they had a more unique fighting style...

So I'm TECHNICALLY saying yes to a LoD rep, not Dart, but still
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Yes!!!!! MADNESS HERO!!!
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I don't think you people understand. If they were to put anyone from LoD it would be dart. Regardless of how much Rose is loved.
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Legend of Dragoon was a pretty mediocre game tbh