C/D Big Daddy's inclusion shows that Sony doesn't care about their fans.

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wstfld posted...
How does adding one of this generation's awesome characters show that they hate their fans?

We live in the age of the whiner. If the company were to hand out gold bricks to everyone people would whine that they are too heavy.
And people are also taking anything companies do as an attack on them these days. If a company does something they dont like they cry that the company is stupid and that the company doesnt care. It seems people just want to play the victim these days. Its really getting tiresome. :/
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First of all, Sony's not making this game, SuperBot Entertainment are. Sure, Sony probably has the final say in everything they add and do, but it was probably SuperBot themselves who thought about adding Big Daddy to the roster.

Second of all, "everybody hates Big Daddy"? Most likely not true. I love the Bioshock games, I love the Big Daddy as a menacing enemy and was more than thrilled to see him as part of this game. SuperBot confirmed that there would be third party characters, this is one of them and just because the games were released on the 360 more than a year in advance of the PS3 version doesn't mean that he won't fit in this game. The game's been on the PS3, he eligible for this game. Looks like a solid addition to the roster.

Third, just because the final number of combatants in this game is rumored to be 24, it won't necessarily have to mean that the inclusion of Big Daddy cuts away a potential spot for another character. Maybe they just decided to add him and bumped the number up to 25 or whatever. It doesn't mean a thing until the final roster is revealed and we know how many characters are in the game. And even then, does it really mean anything? We don't know the development process of this game, how they decided what characters were to be on the roster and who gets left out.
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I like Big Daddy more than most of the characters so far.
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BigKahn posted...
I say deny.

I mean really, why put in a character everybody hates over a popular character? Don't say for Gameplay reasons.

for me i'd rather have Popularity>Gameplay any day.

confirm or deny here?

you are the only person on earth who dose not love big daddy.
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i looked into it i thought psasbr was going to just be sony characters so i was alittle shocked too but i looked into, bioshock 2 sales are high right now with sony having ultimate packs and stuff for it with all dlc people are becoming fans plus its a great advertising campaign for bioshock since 3 will be out soon and what company doesn't want free publicity. so they make an announcement and advertise both games at once, look at it from a marketers stand point and you might get alittle less pissed off.
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BigKahn posted...
I mean really, why put in a character everybody hates over a popular character?

Why does no one like big daddy? I've never played Bioshock before but he looks pretty awesome to me!