What PS2 era special guest characters?

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User Info: MaskedM4n

4 years ago#11
Ice-T, Carl Johnson, Crazy Legs, Snoop Dogg (Sorry I'm just a HUGE Def Jam Fight For New York fan!!!)
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User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#12
pixel378 posted...
taoxadasa posted...
The Prince from Katamari Damaci, or Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.
Both barely have a chance though haha.

Good suggestion I like that guy and he seems mascotish to me even though hes not.

Crash vs Spyro vs Rayman vs Ty

I just came.

Lol I know right. He could have an awesome moveset with all his boomerangs and his bite attacks. His level 3 could be the Battle Bunyip...
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User Info: pixel378

4 years ago#13
Im about to drop a bomb on you guys....

Mr. Mosquito

Win of the century.
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

4 years ago#14
Tony Hawk -- Pro Skater was so important to a lot our childhoods and the playstation, I'm surprised how little attention the series have gotten. I know its pretty much a dead series now, and Tony Hawk probably won't give allow himself to be a character, but it would be pretty awesome. Some reference to the Pro Skater series would be very welcomed.

Tony Hawk started on the PS1.

User Info: Zidaneski

4 years ago#15
I would vouch for The Prince of Persia. I only played sands of time but if they went with the other versions I wouldn't mind. And even though Prince of Persia 08 was my favorite Prince I don't think any of us want two characters voiced by Nolan North.

User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#16
Maximo maybe?
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User Info: scorpionpwnsall

4 years ago#17
Persona 3 and 4 - Technically they became 3rd party since Persona 4 Arena will be released for 360 and PS3 but P4A will take place after Persona 4.

Tales of The Abyss - They were for the PS2 but got re-released for 3ds.
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User Info: DrkangelBTC

4 years ago#18
Haseo or Kite from .hack//
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User Info: LRPG

4 years ago#19
FF10: Yuna
FF12: Gabranth
RE4: Leon Kennedy
Devil May Cry: Dante
Persona 3: Minato Arisato
Persona 4: Chie Satanoka
SMT Nocturne: Hito-Shura
God Hand: Gene
Xenosaga: KOS-MOS
Tales of Abyss: Tear Grants
Dragon Quest 8: Hero
Star Ocean til The End Of Time: Nel Zelpher
Odin Sphere: Gwendolyn
Soul Calibur 3: Tira
Disgaea 1: Etna
Disgaea 2: Adell
Shadow Hearts Covenant: Yuri
Dark Cloud: Toan
.hack: Kite
Tekken 5: Asuka Kazama
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