Give your two character picks.

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  3. Give your two character picks.
3 years ago#1
Based on your honest opinion as a gamer; it's not a popularity contest or who you think would work or make sense in the game. It's just two characters you'd be excited to see. Like say you could have choose who would appear at the end of the E3 All Stars teaser trailer instead of Drake and Big Daddy.

In this case pick a First Party and Third Party character.

Here are my choices: Sackboy and Sora
3 years ago#2
OHHH dam this is hard but
Spike from Ape Escape

Cloud from FF7
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Saviour of the Franchise)
3 years ago#3
Snake and KOS-MOS
3 years ago#4
cloud and cloud
Wild Charizard ran away.
3 years ago#5
Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot.
Official Sly Cooper of the PSASBR boards
3 years ago#6
Sir Dan and Spyro
The Official ANTI-VENOM of the UMVC3 boards
3 years ago#7
Wander OR Ico and Cid Highwind
Uhhh... My dog ate my signature...
Wait.... I don't even have a dog... *runs*
3 years ago#8
Crash and Snake!
PSN- Donkey_Kong_86
3 years ago#9
christiankid7 posted...
Sir Dan and Spyro

Not changing sig until Gamefreak brings back R/S/E Secret Bases ~ 2/20/11
3 years ago#10
Crash and Spyro

Also, Snake is all but confirmed.
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  3. Give your two character picks.

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