What character do you want that NO ONE is asking for?

#91cobbilPosted 6/18/2012 9:24:56 PM
Sir Lucan D'Lere
Antonius Bayle
Firiona Vie

Look em up.
#92Jesus05Posted 6/18/2012 10:48:28 PM
I've seen someone mention Yuber from the Suikoden universe and also the heroes from the first 2 games, but the characters I would most like to see from Suikoden is Luca Blight, Viktor and Flik.
#93EronamanthiusPosted 6/19/2012 8:02:33 AM
Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

He would be perfect with the Alucard sword + shield, and use his transformations and spells as specials.
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#94aqualord29Posted 6/19/2012 10:18:12 PM
Flamelurker. Because fire is cool.
Darius is pretty weak, and will be buffed before he gets nerfed in any way-just calling it now.