PSASBR character demand rating 28- Lightning

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This topic is meant as a gauge to determine how in touch the developer is with the community in terms of which characters should be in this game and are most relevant/ iconic to the playstation brand. This is a mix of both your opinion in should the selected character be in this game and do you want them in this game.

How it goes
-Im going to select a character at random everyday from here on out to the reveal on the website and probably further. You are free to suggest a character for the following day but please know I am not tallying suggestions.
-I want you to give a definitive yes or no answer based on your own opinion.
-I will do the simple math and give you a figure in percentage on the following day as well as the next character.
-Ill keep a log of the most coveted selections and we will see if Superbot gets it right according to us, the consumer, barring all 3rd party conflicts in which a deal could not be made.

Today's character and description
Lightning- Main protagonist of FF13,
Claire began using her code name of "Lightning" after losing her parents to escape the vulnerabilities and insecurities of her former self and to become a different person—strong enough to care for her younger sister Serah. However, this choice only causes rising tensions between them as she grew up to have a rather cold personality that has a tendency to look down upon others including comrades at most times during the start of the story; although her behavior and approach to people close to her will change during the course of the adventure, showing herself as a girl with a more sweet personality as well as strong-willed, making her a character originally more than cold than she really is, but dynamic in the evolution of the story.

Top ten
Crash Bandicoot-97.1% (34 to 1)
Spyro the dragon-92.85% (39 to 3)
Raziel- 92.30% (36 to 3)
Rayman- 85.71% (24 to 4)
Wander- 80% (32 to 8)
Sir Dan Fortesque- 78.12% (25 to 7)
Pyramid Head- 77.77% (21 to 6)
Abe (Oddworld) -76.47% (26 to 8)
Snake- 75.51% (37 to 12)
King of all Cosmos- 76.47%

Best of the rest
Lara Croft- 75% (30 to 10)
Gex- 74.19% (23 to 8)
ICO- 73.91% (17 to 5)
Dart- 73.58% (39 to 14)
Tomba- 73.52% (25 to 9)
Toan- 72% (17 to 8)
Cloud Strife- 70.96% (44 to 18)
Pipo Ape- 69.56% (16 to 7)
Sora- 68.88% (31 to 14)
Chimera- 62.85% (22 to 13)

Arc- 55% (11 to 9)
Ari&Stan- 52.38% (11 to 10)
Blasto- 44% (11 to 14)
Ezio- 41.66% (10 to 14)
Paul Phoenix- 29.16% (7 to 17)
James Bond- 15.78% (6 to 32)
Norman Jayden- 6.25% (3 to 18)

Feel free to discuss and suggest with eachother, but please give a yes or no, not a percentage. I will not include any other answer but a yes or no.
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No for me

Suggest Dr.Neferious
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Rather have Cloud.
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no, FF13 is terrible. Give me Cloud.
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Yes. That'd be awesome! Gimme Eclair.
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I say no.
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Maybe she'll beat James Bond in unpopularity?
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