Think there will be a Super version?

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This happens with a lot of games besides Capcom. Bethesda always does a "Game of the Year" edition some time after the game's had a bunch of DLC, which has all that bundled with it.

The problem with Capcom is that they never actually release the DLC as an option. : / They were just like "hey, want new MvC characters? Give us 40 bucks then plzkthnx!"

Which is not how you do it. XD But Capcom's admitted they were wrong and they're changing this stuff, so wutevs. At least they're learning.

Superbot seems pretty clued in to what the FGC and what fans in general like/dislike. So I'd be shocked if they did something awful like a Super version a year after release, without at least the option to download the characters.

they did once,with AE(if you owned Super SF4 you could download it for 15).

otherwise, yeah Capcom has gone downhill on their DLC recently.

I still dont see how people are mad we got the cheaper option with extra stuff. :/
Sure it would of been nice as DLC but we wouldnt of gotten anything but the characters and those would of cost about $60 total.
$40 for all the characters plus extras is better than $60 for just characters. :/
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Maybe some sort of collectors edition but no I don't think that Sony is going to pull a Crapcom move and do "Super Awesome Ultimate Sushi X Playstation All Stars Battle Royale" :P
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Super PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Turbo HD Remix Plus EX Edition
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Super PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Turbo HD Remix Plus EX Edition

Version 2012
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No Chzrm. You're doing it wrong. You're SUPPOSED to go on and on and on at Furryyiffer and tell them how much they suck because "they are defending Capcom" (even though they clearly are not). You know, like you continually do for me, because you don't understand the whole "I do not support Capcom" thing.

You know? X3 Or have you learnt to read since speaking to me?
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Buuuuuuut seriously, I don't think this will have a Super version if they've already stated that DLC will be an option. If anything, we'll most likely just get a Complete Edition, like what we did for Mortal Kombat.