I'm gonna miss hitting people out of the screen ..

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reptyle101 posted...
I really didn't like the knocking people off thing, it's not thought out well at all. Some characters are almost impossible to hit off without massive percentage on them and others are almost impossible to get back on the stage with if you go slightly off the edge.

yea. This has more to do with balancing issues, not the whole thing not being thought out well. Donkey Kong and Bowser have horrible up specials, that really do not help them get back on stage, where as king Dedede, Kirby, and Pit have more than enough jumps and vertical range to get back on ledge. The creator of Brawl explicitly said that he had 0 intentions at balancing for Brawl, and it can be seen.

This game's ko system will make the game more stoic, linear, and monotonous. That is pretty much guaranteed with the only way to kill through with supers. The other thing is that the lack of falling off make the stages have no real impact on gameplay, and even larger stages being used for easy circle camping.This is why I highly doubt that it will be as competitive as they say, because the current system seems to favor those with better meter building, or better low risk specials. The entire middle ground of characters will be left out unless ppl truly love those characters. As for the stages, they will mostly play the same except for the interactions which can be turned off.
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maybe who knows u have to play before thinking its better or worse