Anyone else think we're gonna get a Persona character?

#1JablesXPosted 7/14/2012 7:25:33 PM
Seems like it could happen given how it's been exclusive across the PlayStation brand up until recently.
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#2Dragongreen547Posted 7/14/2012 7:29:23 PM
JablesX posted...
Seems like it could happen given how it's been exclusive across the PlayStation brand up until recently.

Hmmm I don't know. They aren't really a popular demand. Who would they put in? Nameless character? But from which game!?
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#3EtroAnimePosted 7/14/2012 7:38:32 PM
Most likely no but I could see them putting in Aigis or Mitsuru but I can't imagine anyone else.
#48-peacock-8Posted 7/14/2012 7:48:46 PM
Well, the Persona 4 protagonist got a canon name. (Yu Narukami)

So i would say the protagonist from Persona 4.

And if a Persona character get revealed it will likely be on one of the Persona 4 Arena release dates. (Just as a random event, of course)
#5ENEMYCONTROLLAPosted 7/14/2012 7:53:39 PM
balls to that.
#68-peacock-8Posted 7/14/2012 7:58:09 PM
Honestly though, i wouldn't mind having a Persona character. In fact i'd love to play as one of them and fight the currently confirmed characters with a persona.
#7powerprotomanPosted 7/14/2012 8:57:08 PM
i want to see this happen then again i also want to see a disgaea rep get in and have the showdown ive been waiting for
#8scorpionpwnsallPosted 7/14/2012 10:23:26 PM
I've been wanting a Persona character to be in this game last month.

I thought he would be like the Pokemon trainer but based from the fighting game he (Yuu Narukami) is in, he could work together with his Persona.

Not unless it's just Izanagi in the battle and Yuu is watching his fight making him PSASBR Pokemon trainer.

I was thinking also Persona cards would work like Pokeballs but instead of Pokemon, Persona's and shadows appear.
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#9ArmedDragoonPosted 7/15/2012 12:08:07 AM
A Persona fighting game is already going to be a thing, so as much as I love the series it's really not needed.
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#10fuzzylittlbunnyPosted 7/15/2012 12:10:47 AM
On the off chance there is a Persona rep, it should be Chie so she can Galactic Punt the living **** out of everyone
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