COSTUMES revealed!!

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3 years ago#1
OH MY GOD. Big Daddy alternate costume is the plushy, Little Sister-made doll. Drake's is Drake in a coat. Fat princess is a pirate.

Woah. Kratos's alternate costume turns him into his brother. Sweet Tooth has his... Starhawk costume? Killzone guy has armor.
Official .......... of the PSASBR Board
3 years ago#2
We knew about these already... wtf?
Official Spike of the PSASBR Board
First to leak Jak & Daxter and Cole MacGrath! in PSASBR
3 years ago#3
we already know already know all of these from e3.>_>
3 years ago#4
yea thought he meant new ones :(
Official .......... of the PSASBR Board
3 years ago#5
PSN: ZeroGravity38
Gaming is what i do!
3 years ago#6
CyborgTwenty posted...
we already know already know all of these from e3.>_>

Um no, these were revealed last week.

And these are pre-order bonuses, SuperBot is suppose to talk about in game costumes as well.
Because Naughty Dog
Joel+Ellie=Jelly...You Jelly?
3 years ago#7
Pointless topic. Please close it.

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