Cole and Sly should be rivals

#1RockSauronPosted 7/15/2012 11:04:09 AM
It would be cool.
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#2CyborgTwentyPosted 7/15/2012 11:04:42 AM
slys rival just has to either drake or snake.
#3The_SmashPosted 7/15/2012 11:05:05 AM
Jak and Drake should be rivals too,
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#4Hit mePosted 7/15/2012 11:05:25 AM
It's a good possibility since Cole's messenger bag has a Sly Cooper head knitted on it.
#5AndKevinBaconPosted 7/15/2012 11:07:14 AM
Since they went with Good Canon Cole, and Sly's a thief, it seems possible.
#6RockSauron(Topic Creator)Posted 7/15/2012 11:08:39 AM
The Tekken guy and Toro are supposed to be rivals, so not like it needs to make much sense.

But ya, battle of the siblings woo!
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