what do you think about well these games having characters

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hotgasmask posted...
ok..first hiiipower the unoriginal troll is suspended..i tried really hard for you guys to fight my case of cleansing this place of him for you.

2nd i want maggot shibito from siren blood curse as the biggest, strongest character in game in other words it can build alot of meter from its individual attacks..but not so good at comboing

also a demon souls character. either ostrava(guy on front cover in flute armour) or flamelurker.

and mr mosquito

Haha Mr. Mosquito that was one of the weirdest games I have ever played but very unique.
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..ok i mostly just type thought to text but i am passionate about this game and i hope you can see that
AHA knowing me Alan Patridge knowing you..... AHA!
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it wasnt it .im trying to look at walkthroughs at mr mosquito 2 to try and devise a moveset that will get you excited
AHA knowing me Alan Patridge knowing you..... AHA!