We've all fallen prey to an elaborately assembled viral marketing campaign

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McFordmanson posted...
blaze19_0X posted...
Why do you care and where's your evidence for this?

Don't you have a life to get to?

Yeesh, calm down. He made a good point, no need to get butthurt over it.

I think this was a reaction to blaze being told "get a life" by the Pied Piper when he criticized Paul Gale.

I feel like the blaze19_0X defense squad these days. I swear, I'm not doing it on purpose - I'm just always in the right place at the right time. *heroic pose*

The last couple days this board has been chaotic beyond recognition. We always used to argue, but now it's arguments with no substance, and they move so quickly that I feel like I'm playing speed chess against 20 different opponents at once.
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I think the fact he holds onto what someone said to him on the internet so intently says a lot about his mindset. He latches onto things because he's got nothing better to do. The fact he had a crusade to wage against this one guy, and now follows me around this board because I said something critical of his behavior is frankly disconcerting.
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even if that's true. how is trying to create hype for the game hurting us?. will the game be different if they don't advertise it?. did I lose money, dignity, or been lowered on the food chain and "fallen prey" as you say?.

watch out guys they are advertising their game. oh no!, what will we ever do?. we can wait until game release and play it for ourselves. the same way we would if they do or don't create hype.