Since Lightning is getting yet another game, I fear the worst.

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Alky88 posted...
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Lightning is irrelevant to PlayStation
She does not deserve a spot

Cloud was a "mascot" of Sony
Lightning is not

FF7 was relevant to the PlayStation
13 was not

Cloud deserves his spot based on relevance to the PlayStation

Inb4 big daddy not relevant to PlayStation
Bioshock is considered one of the most incredible Ips
13 is not

Big Daddy is iconic and unique
lightning is not

Bioshock was Xbox exclusive until Sony took it
13 marked the first ff game on the Xbox


Superbot cannot decide who gets in for 3rd parties. It's up to SE to decide if they want FF characters in this game or not and they also decide who gets in. Superbot at best can suggest characters but they can't just take whoever they like.
It doesn't matter if Lightning is iconic to Playstation or if she's a mascot of sorts (Cloud isn't a Playstation mascot considering he appears on multiple platforms) because if SE wants her in the game they'll get her in the game,
It's simple logic, use it.
With new XIII projects to be announced and nothing on the horizon for VII who do you think has better chances of showing up?
I'd rather get Yuna so we could get some FF summons in this game as well but Lightning is still a much better choice than Cloud.

I wouldn't say she is a much better choice at all. She is probably more likely, but that's due to SE wanting to shove her down our throats to somehow make people like FFXIII (I actually did like it, just not as much as other FF's,)

We all Know it's SE who has final say over who reps FF (If anyone at all) but that still doesn't take away from the fact that Cloud is more deserving.
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Cloud is more deserving and more relevant to Playstation.

The thing is, when the developers' definition of "relevant to Playstation" is "got adopted sort of by Playstation and pushed a lot of copies" (see Big Daddy), it doesn't really mean much of anything in the long run.
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