Several VAs in leaked list of characters/'friends' confirmed working on PSASBR

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Cyberlink420 posted...
Here's who we can probably expect for the leaked characters' voices...

- Spike: Richard Horvitz (AE: On The Loose)

As much as I highly prefer the AE1 VA (Even the AE2 VA) over Horvitz, he's not the worst choice they could have picked. Liked his work as Billy and Invader Jim, but there was something about Spike having a mature voice that really made him stand out.

EDIT: Didn't realize Sir Daniel had many speaking roles in his games... can anyone show me some funny quotes?
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If it's more dialogue than SFIV then I'm happy.
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From: Cyberlink420 | #008
Might get a list of the voices for the minions later.

Lemme take a crack at this:

-Athena: Erin Torpey (Chains of Olympus onwards)
-Captain Qwark: Jim Ward (all appearances)
-Worker: N/A
-Dollface: Annie Hayden (Twisted Metal 2012)
-Helghast Soldier: Tricky to nail down, as being generic enemies, Killzone 3 has sixteen credited Helghast soldier VAs.
-Kai: Lydia Baksh (Heavenly Sword)
-Kat: TBA (DmC)
-Keira: Tara Strong (Jak 3 onwards)
-Kiya: Melanie Hudson (MediEvil 2)
-Kuma: N/A
-Little Sister: Jodelle Ferland (BioShock 2)
-Monkey: N/A
-Murray: Chris Murphy (all appearances)
-Nix: Nika Futterman (Infamous 2)
-Pierre: N/A
-PJ Berri: Armstead Christian (Parappa the Rapper)
-Sackbot: N/A
-Sam: TBA (Metal Gear Rising)
-Sully: Richard McGonagle (all appearances)
-Zeke: Caleb Moody (all appearances)
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