Which extremely obscure characters would you like to see in this?

#1boy_luckPosted 8/7/2012 2:05:35 AM
Just for fun and to pass the excruciating following months of wait, what extremely obscure characters would you like to see in this game? I'm talking about really unknown characters that will most likely die in the most abject obscurity.

I'll go first. I'd love to see Darius from Evergrace or Feana from Forever Kingdom.

Can you guys think of others?
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#2holysquidPosted 8/7/2012 2:08:39 AM
The ex-cop from Max Payne 3
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#3Ichiko_368Posted 8/7/2012 2:27:28 AM
Pipo from OverBlood.
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#4babiesinoupPosted 8/7/2012 2:32:59 AM
Klayman from Skullmonkeys.

Main character from BoomBots.
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#5LeagultPosted 8/7/2012 2:45:03 AM
Yugo from Bloody Roar.
#6rammtayPosted 8/7/2012 3:24:07 AM
Jersey devil
Innorruuk from Champions of Norrath
#7TheOpenPosted 8/7/2012 3:52:20 AM
Long from Bloody Roar.

Vibri from Vib Ribbon.

Hana from Fear Effect.
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#8hero552Posted 8/7/2012 4:33:54 AM(edited)
Sho or Eiji from Battle Arena Toshinden

Konoko from Oni

Tai Fu the Tiger

Ralph, Lizzie or George from Rampage World Tour
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