Nintendo vs Sony characters Day 1: Sackboy vs Kirby. Who would win in a fight?

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Sackboy is a god of his world. He controls it and modifies it as he sees fit. So the fight is decided by where they are fighting. If it's in the LBP world then Sackboy could beat anyone, but anywhere else and he would be defenseless.

Kirby has eaten gods for breakfast.


Doesn't matter. In Craftworld there's nothing anyone can do. Sackboy just comes back over and over. His deaths actually happen, but he just comes back. It's not even in a real world. Kirby would be a victim of a limitless lucid dream. However outside of it, Kirby stomps.

So... what if Kirby absorbed that power?

We would have the most ridiculous food filled stalemate you've ever seen. Kirby would like Sackboy anyway, they wouldn't fight, Sackboy makes cake shoot out of his hat.

Plus, they seem to be more adept at being happy and smiley than anyone else.
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Kirby and Sackboy probably would just become BFF's instead of fighting. That's basically what everyone in the LBP universe does anyway.
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The battle goes exactly like this:

Kirby: Hiiii!
Sackboy: *dances*
Kirby: *kirbydances*

And then they try different hats on until time expires.
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It depends. Did Sackboy take Kirbys cake? If so, Kirby wins.
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Sackboy can simply erase Kirby from existence. Sackboy is pretty much the god of this game.
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Sackboy can simply erase Kirby from existence. Sackboy is pretty much the god of this game.

You realize that it's the gamer that's doing all that stuff right? Sack boys basically just there as an analog though he himself doesn't have the capability to do any of that stuff himself though.
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