Crash Bandicoot troll in youtube

#1HonestgamersPosted 8/31/2012 7:13:09 AM
Wow that guy needs a life!
#2SilverShadow881Posted 8/31/2012 7:23:19 AM
Are you helping him get the attention he desperately craves for?

This is why trolls always win on the internet.
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#3Bestia_SomniaPosted 8/31/2012 7:25:36 AM
What's more sad, the troll who wastes his time lurking Youtube, or the guy who wasted his time creating a whole topic just because of a single common everyday internet troll? You got played. Attention is exactly what trolls want.
#4ravenblazer2Posted 8/31/2012 7:26:46 AM
Your the troll. Go away.
#5ZeroGravity38Posted 8/31/2012 7:29:31 AM
I bet the troll is you.
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