So I got a beta code...

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4 years ago#1
Get mad ninjas!
PSN: killahmex
4 years ago#2
[The Hero of Kanto]
I am thou... thou art I...
4 years ago#3
Well.. I'm a Pirate, so....
*remains calm*
"Card Sagas Wars is one of the greatest fighting games of all time. Of all time!"
~Captain Khan
4 years ago#4
so did i! high five!
4 years ago#5
SpacePirateKhan posted...
Well.. I'm a Pirate, so....
*remains calm*
[Not removing this from sig until a new Ratchet and Clank game that I can be hyped for is announced.]
Lightning, Cloud AND Sora for PSASBR!
4 years ago#6
Well, I'm a soul, so.

*remains calm*
If it defecates, urinates, or rudely barks orders, I have no issues with crushing its skull.-Shale
4 years ago#7
Well, I'm a Ranger so...
*remains calm*
It's like a game of rock paper scissors except the rock sets the paper on FIRE. And then bombs the scissors for fun. - Unobservant
4 years ago#8
Well, I am a Bloody Edge, so....
*remains calm*
Stop playing Homework and do your Videogames.
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4 years ago#9
Uh... I'm a hero so...

*remains heroic*
Previously known as fallenxlionheart
4 years ago#10
Well, I am a legendary dragon, so...
*Yol toor shul's topic*

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